ROL – Articles

The main purpose of the section (ROL – Articles) is to present articles and reviews (e.g. State Of The Art) of Research Opinion Leaders (ROL) in specific fields of dentistry, in order to help clinicians to perform treatments based on scientific evidences.

Research Report Discussions

Thi section of the report takes a broad view of the research and puts it in a wider context. It moves from the narrow specific focus of the research to a more general clinical view. Moreover, it wil be shown clearly how the results found lead to clinical conclusions.

The elements included in the discussion section text and the order in which they are presented may differ from topic to topic.


 A reference to the main purpose of the study:

  • A generalised review of the most important findings – summary of results
  • Possible explanations for the findings in general comparison with expected results and other studies
  • Limitations of the overall study that restrict the extent to which the findings can be generalised