Products – Translation

Dear All, has already developed some first translation materials in collaboration with an Italian manufacturer DEI Italia/Espana.

Innovation is a research priority in the international agenda of companies and investigators to improve the quality of oral care and treatments through technology transfer. On the other hand, the main target of transnational research is to bridge the gap between fundamental research, clinicians and commercial application.
It is well known that innovative development requires a solid research infrastructure that provides the research group with the tools and mechanisms to perform appropriate research, develop new research methodologies, and enhance research collaboration and communication between different disciplines.
Nevertheless, although many promising and innovative materials-based therapeutic systems are generated and tested every year by many dental researchers around the world, these never reached the clinic or just remains in clinical or laboratory trials.
Therefore, DENTAL BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE – RESEARCH is creating innovative dental materials in collaboration with dental companies, using all the possible knowledge derived from the most recent dental research all around the world, and from those clinical-related necessities of clinicians discussed in our group.